Christy Chandler

Christy Chandler is Co-Founder of Fogbreak Justice, which creates innovative, interactive experiences to transform the criminal justice system.  Before starting Fogbreak, Christy worked for over a decade in the criminal justice system.  Ms. Chandler has defended individuals accused of crimes ranging from securities and health care fraud to drunk driving, drug and homicide cases.  She counseled individuals and corporations facing multi-jurisdictional, state and federal investigations.  She worked extensively in the courtroom and also handled criminal appeals.

Ms. Chandler has conducted qualitative research on the attorney-client relationship in death penalty cases and is a frequent speaker on the topics of criminal work at academic and professionals conferences.  She has authored several articles including “Peremptory Challenge: A Postmodern Feminist Approach,” published in the Yale Journal of Law and Feminism, and “Voluntary Executions,” published in the Stanford Law Review.  

After Ms. Chandler clerked for The Honorable Thelton E. Henderson of the United States District Court, Northern District of California, Ms. Chandler became a deputy public defender in the San Francisco Public Defender’s Office.  She then worked as a deputy city attorney for the Office of the City Attorney for the City and County of San Francisco, defending City departments and employees in civil suits.  In 2005, she founded The Law Offices of Christy Chandler.  Ms. Chandler also is of counsel to the criminal defense firm Arguedas, Cassman & Headley LLP.  She previously served as a board member on the American Civil Liberties Union, Northern California.  

Ms. Chandler graduated summa cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from Lafayette College in Easton, Pennsylvania.  She then earned her Master’s degree in Public Policy at George Washington University, and went on to earn her law degree at Stanford Law School.