Virtual Programs Available

In this time of social distancing, building community trust and civic engagement are more important than ever. Fogbreak can customize on-line training programs for your agency or office on: implicit bias, building community trust, increasing inclusion for your diverse workforce, and many other topics.

We create and provide experiential education for law enforcement, lawyers, other criminal justice stakeholders and civic leaders to promote respect, dignity, safety and fairness.
Equity Education and Skills for Businesses

Particularly for companies that would like to contribute to racial equity, social justice and the transformation of the criminal justice system, this series includes educational programs addressing race and structural racism, implicit bias, privilege and ally-ship and skill-building workshops about creating sustainable inclusion, creating fairness in hiring, and leading challenging conversations.

Implicit Bias for Law Enforcement

The training will answer these critical questions: What is implicit bias?  How do these biases affect police? What are the proven strategies for reducing bias in law enforcement?  The course uses video, music and interactive exercises for participants to discover their own biases and to create strategies for de-biasing.

Procedural Justice for Courts and Civic Leaders


Procedural justice is concept vital for the courts, civic leaders, and others interested in public engagement, citizen compliance, and community trust.  The four tenets of procedural justice, including promoting neutrality by reducing the impact of implicit bias, are discussed.  This workshop also teaches strategies to implement this concept.

Law Enforcement Consulting & Assistance

We work with law enforcement agencies to provide services critical to functioning in our country's current climate.  We can help craft public statements, host community meetings, consult on listening sessions and building community trust. We can also provide a comprehensive assessment of your department or agency and help craft a plan for moving forward.

Implicit Bias for Attorneys

We provide two distinct trainings: one for attorneys and one specialized for criminal justice attorneys.  Both experiences provide details about how implicit bias impacts attorneys in particular, and focuses on specific techniques for reducing the impact of bias in our work.  For criminal attorneys, the training pays special attention to addressing bias in client relationships and in jury trials.

Leadership for Inclusion

Leaders and rising leaders will participate in a half-day session about increasing fairness and equity in their offices and practices. The participants will learn the four pillars of equitable leadership: creating a vision, creating community, communicating, and leading with integrity.  All of the topics will be taught through interactive exercises that engage the participants and provide skills for implementing the concepts in the workplace.


Aside from providing training and creating workshops, we offer consulting to municipalities or organizations. Consultation can include topics such as leadership, diversity, and inclusion. We have conducted personnel diversity audits, developed diversity programs, and prepared inclusion strategies tailored to our clients' specific goals and needs.

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