Harvard Ignites Social Entrepreneurship Expansion

A group of Harvard Law students took on Daylight Justice as a case study on social entrepreneurship. The class was led by lawyer, author and social entrepreneurship expert, Kyle Westaway and founder and CEO of BUILD, Suzanne McKechnie Klahr. We had a fantastic team of international students mapping our expansion and development as a business with a social mission. Our biggest takeaways for Daylight Justice and other social enterprises:

1. Collect and analyze data in order to prove our effectiveness

Laying the groundwork at the beginning for collecting information about participants and their experiences, will be well worth the effort in the long run when we can systematically analyze our impact over time.

2. Reach out to like-minded and natural partners

A starting point are the contact we already have. The next step for us would be reform-minded prosecutors, non-profits and academics. In lean times, don't forget the obvious connections, they take less time and resources to develop.

3. Focus expansion in limited geographic areas

Rather than reacting to requests and inquiries as they come in, proactively reach out to potential customers in the same region as existing clients. We have trainings scheduled in Cook County in May and plan to set up meetings with local prosecutors, public defenders and civic leaders while we are there.

4. Boston is super fun

Even in the freezing rain, we enjoyed our get-away in Boston, especially the Liberty Hotel, a funky boutique hotel that once was a jail. Our Advisory Council member, Suzanne McKechnie Klahr, knows how to maximize the perks and fun on a social-enterprise budget.

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