Wall of love for those behind walls

Jail visiting protocols are notorious punitive for family members and those trying to see people behind bars. In the purported interest of public safety, these regulations can be impractical to the point of cruelty. While the outside world has become accustomed to instant contact with people in any time zone across the globe, in Brooklyn, people have resorted to old-fashioned pen to paper on a warehouse wall to get messages to those in the Metropolitan Detention Center, a federal jail on the Brooklyn waterfront. Review of current studies demonstrates a child's contact with an incarcerated parent is beneficial. (See Julie Poehlmann, et al., Children’s Contact With Their Incarcerated Parents Am Psychol. 2010 Sep; 65(6): 575–598.) And yet, as with most criminal justice policies the collateral damage to families and loved ones is tragically overlooked.

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